Antique Tea Paper Cards

So a few weeks ago I had a post showing you all how to make antique paper using tea. If you missed it you can find it here:

At the end of that process this is the paper that we ended up with:
2015-02-07 14.17.41

This week I am going to share with you how I use these sheets of paper to create various types of hand made cards. You can really do anything with this paper. Some things I like to use it with are watercolors, colored pencils, markers, dried flowers, glitter, metallic watercolors, and matte medium.

To start I usually first decide what size I want my card to be. You can either fold this standard printer paper sized sheets    ( 8.5 in x 11 in ) either in half or in fourths depending on the size card that you want. Try to keep the more heavily dyed side facing upwards. After you have creased your paper in half evenly. You can either use use decorative scissors to make the edges ragged or you can burn them with a lighter.

2015-02-05 18.06.30

After you have cut all of the edged of the sheet with the scissors you can use a light wash of brown watercolor  paint to darken the edges. Try not to use too much water or it will cause your paper to wrinkle.

2015-02-05 18.06.43

2015-02-05 18.08.28

Give it a moment to dry then once it is dry to the touch you can go back and use a darker brown marker to outline the edges of the paper so you can have an added layer of depth. This also accentuates the design that you made with teh decorative scissors and it makes it pop out. Make sure that you go all the way around.

2015-02-05 18.22.31

2015-02-05 18.22.38

After I finished outlining the sheet with the black marker I set is aside. This is where you will write your letter.

Next I  got a full sized sheet of creme or tan colored paper and I glued it to the back of the tea paper sheet with a glue stick so it would form a border around it. This step is necessary to make your card more sturdy so it won’t be flimsy. You can also just glue it on to another sheet of the tea paper. Make sure that when you do this that you put the glue around all of the edges so the paper doesn’t peel off.

2015-03-12 21.15.16

2015-02-05 23.22.39

After you have glued the two sheets together you need to flip the page over on to the back so the side with the creme sheet is facing you.

2015-03-12 21.15.16

I had previously taken a second sheet of the tea paper and burned the edges with a lighter. You want to think of this sheet as a “book jacket”. It will be positioned on the outside of your card. When the card is folded they will make up the front and back covers. The from cover is on the right side while the back side makes up the left side. First I folded the sheet in half and lined up that crease with the crease of the other side of the card. Then I attached a dried flower to the front of it using matte medium and then adding a layer of clear varnish on top of it to make it shiny.  I just happened to write the rest of my letter on this sheet already. You don’t have to have to have written on the sheet before you glue it on.This is how that second sheet looks on it own:

2015-02-06 00.07.12

You need to fold this sheet in half again so you can align the creases again.. Attach the jacket to the back of the creme sheet that has the tea paper with the border on it using either liquid glue ( like the ones that school kids use) or a glue stick.  This is how it should look once it is attached:

2015-02-06 00.11.46

When you fold it in half this is how the front cover of your card will look like:

2015-02-06 00.12.36

This is how the back cover of your card will look like:
2015-02-06 00.12.45

Now if you are happy with the way your card looks right now as it is that is fine! ( You should be very proud of your hard work! If you want to add some extra pizzazz to it or give it a more rugged and antique look You can use brown watercolor paint, metallic watercolors, and crayola markers to tone the cream sheet like this:

2015-02-07 14.20.02

2015-02-07 14.30.17

2015-02-07 14.30.38

Finally I went in and I used these Sargent Art Liquid Metals Metallic Fine Tip Markers from Hobby Lobby to add some more sparkle to your card. I went in and used it to outline my flower on the front cover.

2015-02-07 14.30.17

And there you have it! Your very own handmade antique cards! You can make a new one whenever you feel like mailing one out, or you can make a stack of them ahead of time to keep on hand for any time you want to give some one a personalized card!  I know personally from the reactions that I have gotten from my friends and pen pals that these cards are usually well received and cherished.

Good luck and let me know in the comments if you have any questions!


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