New Recipes and Restaurant Reviews are Coming!

Hello everyone! I hope that everyone has been having a fine summer thus far! I am so sorry for the delay! This summer has been crazy! Between balancing a new job, a summer internship, and a bit of travel I haven’t had much time to publish posts on this blog.

So let’s start with the job. I have been working as an Account Coordinator at AlphaGraphics. It actually has been fun! The short of it is that it is a marketing position in which I research new potential markets and clients, handle sales calls, organize customer data, review job proofs and estimates.It also deals with project management, customer service, teamwork, planning, organization and writing.

Now for the internship I have been working at a small local grassroots not-for-profit called “The Learning Tea” located in the Candler Park neighborhood of Atlanta. This organization provides “life scholarships”  to impoverished women in Darjeeling, India. This scholarship covers living and college tuition expenses for the scholars in the program. Currently The Learning Tea supports 9 scholars and the program is growing. I am their Summer Creative Writing Intern and my position maintains the organizations’ blog,  weekly newsletters, and promotions for it’s monthly “Taste Of India Fundraiser Dinners”. These dinners help fund their scholarship program.

To learn more about them please check out:

To see part of what I have been working on this summer head to their blog here :

Every summer for the past 14 years I have gone to Ontario, Canada for vacation. When I say that people typically think I am crazy. They ask me, ” You go on a VACATION in Canada? What is there to do up there?”. Well besides escaping from the humid oven that is Atlanta, I have an enormous group of very close friends who live up there. each year we get together and hang out. Along the way I have visited many unique Canadian attractions and sampled most of their famous cuisines. I’ve had everything from maple dipped bacon to poutine to oreo doughnuts and maple candies. I can’t wait to share the pictures with you all!

Now for the final portion of what is yet to come. I live near some of the best restaurants in all of Georgia. Between the eateries on Buford Highway and the restaurants lining Pleasant Hill Road I have yet to be bored when going out to eat. It is always an adventure with ethnic cuisines from all over the world at an arms length. With the Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese,  Indian, Colombian, Peruvian, Ecuadorian, South African and other options available that have yet to be tried one never has to dine at the same place twice.

As you can see so much has been going on, and there is a tone of new material to come! Starting in August I will have a whole new collection of both Japanese and Egyptian Recipes to share with you all! In the mean time I hope that you can enjoy a bit of travel writing and some restaurant reviews!

Until next time!



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